Freedom of Expression


In simple terms the statement is based on the concept that “no law or act of government may limit freedom of speech or press, regardless of the medium in question”..... Read more →


The cornerstone of the IAPA is Committee on Freedom of the Press and Information which continuously monitors all the violations of press freedom in the... Read more →


The Impunity Project, created in 1995, has as its main objective reducing the impunity surrounding the majority of crimes against journalists. Statistics of Unpunished Crimes... Read more →

Seminarios y Webinars del Instituto de Prensa

The Digital Center has as its role to be the backbone of the training programs for journalists carried out by the IAPA Press Institute and a... Read more →

The Latin American Council for Accreditation of Training in Journalism (CLAEP) is dedicated to encourage and promote xcellence in professional teaching of journalism ... Read more →

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