José Luis Cabezas


January 25, 1997

Case: José Luis Cabezas

News photographer of magazine Noticias, Buenos Aires.


Murdered at the resort of Pinamar. Was kidnapped, beaten, handcuffed, tortured, was shot in the head twice and then his body was burned inside a vehicle.



On February 2, 2000 sentenced to life imprisonment were Gregorio Ríos, as mastermind, former member of the military and chief bodyguard of businessman Alfredo Yabrán and as guilty of the crime “kidnapping of a person, followed by the murder of the victim” former police officers Sergio Camaratta and Aníbal Luna; and for the same crime members of criminal gang known as Los Hormeros; Horacio Anselmo Braga, Sergio Gustavo González, José Luis Auge and Héctor Retana, who died in prison from an illness.

On the same date Gustavo Prellezo, a former police officer, was given the maximum sentence, imprisonment for an indefinite period for “kidnapping of a person, followed by the murder of the victim.”


In December 2002 Alberto Pedro Gómez, former Pinamar police chief, was sentenced to life imprisonment for having turned a blind eye so the crime could be committed.


On November 13, 2003 sentences were reduced as follows: Gregorio Ríos, 27 years in prison; Sergio Camaratta, 25 years; Aníbal Luna, 24 years; Horacio Anselmo Braga, 20 years; Sergio Gustavo González, 20 years; José Luis Auge, 18 years, later further reduced to 16, and Alberto Pedro Gómez, 24 years.

Sentences reversed and acquittals:


Prisoners sentenced:

Gustavo Prellezo

Alberto Gómez

Horacio Anselmo Braga and José Luis Auge. On December 14, 2007 the Dolores, Buenos Aires province, Appeals Court ordered Braga and Auge to be sent back to prison for violating their parole.

Released / Sentence commuted:

Sergio Camaratta, Gregorio Ríos, Aníbal Luna, Horacio Anselmo Braga, Sergio Gustavo González, José Luis Auge were paroled under terms of a system (now abolished) whereby years served in jail awaiting trial counted double.

Sergio Camaratta was released from prison in October 2006. He posted bail of 40,000 pesos (approximately $13,500).

Gregorio Ríos was placed under house arrest in October 2006.

Aníbal Luna was freed from house arrest in August 2006 on having served two-thirds of his 24-year term. He posted bail of 40,000 pesos (approximately $13,500).

Horacio Anselmo Braga on parole since April 2005, was returned to prison in 2007.

Sergio Gustavo González was released from prison and put under house arrest in March 2005. He posted bail of 20,000 pesos (approximately $7,000).

José Luis Auge was paroled in December 2004 after posting bail of 20,000 pesos (approximately $7,000). He had served seven years of his 18-year sentence. He was incarcerated in 2007.

Héctor Retana died in prison.

Jailed awaiting trial:


Suspects not charged:





As of December 2007 there remained under appeal the Supreme Court’s September 19, 2007 ruling. Until there was a decision those out on parole would not return to prison.

On September 19, 2007 the Buenos Aires Provincial Supreme Court overturned a ruling by the Appeals Court allowing the guilty to go free. They could now return to prison.

Alfredo Yabrán, a businessman, committed suicide in 1998 shortly after a warrant was issued for his arrest as the mastermind of the murder.